09 AprSmall Is Beautiful

Pelargonium 'Chocolate Mint'
Pelargonium ‘Chocolate Mint’

Chocolate Mint is a large scented geranium with tiny little pink flowers. Even though they are so small, the detail is fascinating.

08 AprPelargonium 'Mexican Sage'

Pelargonium 'Mexican Sage'
Pelargonium ‘Mexican Sage’

Mexican Sage geranium is a large-growing member of the Apricot group. Its scent is kind of spicy. The flowers are about an inch across.

07 AprPrince Of Orange Geranium

Pelargonium 'Prince of Orange'
Pelargonium ‘Prince of Orange’

This is one of my new scented geraniums. Prince of Orange is definitely not a frog. It forms a nice upright bush and, like P. ‘Orange’, is an eager and elegant bloomer with irrisistible eyelashes. Look how it holds its buds two by two. Quite the flirt!

06 AprOrange You Gonna Take My Picture?

Pelargonium 'Orange'
Pelargonium ‘Orange’

That’s how Orange Geranium is. Always throwing herself in front of the camera! And yet I oblige, because Orange really is one of my favorite scented geraniums. She is a very generous bloomer and I love the little “bunny ear” purple spots. Refreshing orange scent, too.

03 AprWhite Zonal Geranium

White Zonal Geranium
White Zonal Geranium

Is there anything prettier than a white zonal geranium? The little pink spots are the perfect touch – like a baby doll’s cheeks.

01 AprStrawberry Surprise!

Pelargonium 'Strawberry'
Pelargonium ‘Strawberry’

Strawberry Geranium is one of my favorites. This geranium will bloom periodically throughout the spring and summer. Of the smaller-sized scented pelargoniums, this is one of the most rewarding to grow. Whether it is blooming or not, it always looks interesting and exotic.

31 MarScented Geranium Purchased In Las Vegas Nursery

Pelargonium 'Citrosa' (lemon scented) purchased at Star Nursery in Las Vegas, NV
Pelargonium ‘Citrosa’ (citrus scented)

I was delighted to discover a scented pelargonium at the Star Nursery on W. Cheyenne, Las Vegas, NV. Last year, although 2006 was the Pelargnium’s turn as Herb of the Year, not a single scented geranium could be found locally. And I even found one I didn’t have. I used to have it, but you know how that goes. ;)

24 MarPretty In Pink

Pelargonium 'Clorinda', a woodsy-scented geranium
Pelargonium ‘Clorinda’, a woodsy-scented geranium

Pelargonium ‘Clorinda’ has the most luscious, fluffy pink flowers! She is a large plant and a heavy bloomer. Seeing her bloom today was like seeing an old friend. The scent is described as pungent, eucalyptus or cedar. To my nose, its a pleasant woodsy scent.

I’m excited to report that buds are appearing on many of the scented geraniums! YAY!

12 MarApple Geranium In Bloom

Pelargonium odoratissimum (apple) is already blooming enthusiastically.
Pelargonium odoratissimum (apple) is already blooming enthusiastically.

Spring has just arrived and already I’m well behind schedule with my gardening chores. The scented geraniums are loving the early warm weather and so am I. For the geraniums, it is time to prune a bit and repot. And don’t forget to root some cuttings!

02 MarNot Dead Yet

This Dr. Livingstone geranium died from the cold - except for this sprout.
This Dr. Livingstone geranium died from
the cold – except for this sprout.

I was convinced this Pelargonium ‘Dr. Livingstone’ (lemon-rose scented) was a complete loss. We had a cold snap in late December during which temperatures fell to 22 degrees F. So I knew this was dead. When I put my hand around the trunk to yank it out of the pot, I spotted the little green sprout at the base! So I decided to cut away the dead part and let the plant grow back from the new growth. The lesson here is “Look before you pull.”

My cold weather emergency plan worked well. All the “movable”-sized pots were brought into the kitchen. During the fall, I made sure that I had new extra plants of the varieties that were in “non-movable”-sized pots. So even though the plants in the largest pots couldn’t be saved, I haven’t lost any varieties from my collection.

More Pelargonium/Cold Weather Observations:

More Sensitive to Cold: P. ‘Ginger’, P. ‘Lime’, P. ‘Variegated Prince Rupert’, P. ‘Dr. Livingstone’, P. elongatum – Showed signs of distress from the cold sooner than the others.

Less Sensitive to Cold: P. grossularioides stayed outside throughout the cold snap and although suffering some cold damage, has recovered nicely.

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