13 MaySeeds Of Upright Coconut Geranium

Seeds of Pelargonium 'Upright Coconut'
Seeds of Pelargonium ‘Upright Coconut’

Upright Coconut Geranium has simply enormous seeds! The seedheads are about 5 times bigger than those of regular Coconut geranium, seen here. I don’t know if these seeds will reproduce true, but curiosity demands that I find out! Below is a picture of how they hang on the plant. They look sort of comical, so big on a still small plant!

P. 'Upright Coconut' with seedheads
P. ‘Upright Coconut’ with seedheads

11 MayWho Gets The First Bite?

Hot Banana Peppers and Juliet Tomatoes
Hot Banana Peppers and Juliet Tomatoes

These peppers and tomatoes are container-grown. I always grow Banana Peppers, but this is the first time I have ever grown Hot Banana Peppers. I think we can safely say they are vigorous producers! The same goes for the Juliet Tomatoes. They are described on the tag as an oblong-shaped cherry variety. The two biggest ones are almost as big as a Roma Tomato!

Tiny Elvis dines on a hot banana pepper
Tiny Elvis dines on a hot banana pepper

Tiny Elvis is a desert tortoise who resides in our backyard. We are growing a variety of peppers and some collard greens especially for the tortoises. They also like grass, tomatoes, gaillardia, roses, scabiosa, squash, and zonal geraniums. Fortunately for me, they are not too interested in the scented geraniums – just an occasional bite now and then.

10 MayBrilliant Baby

Pelargonium 'Brilliant'
Pelargonium ‘Brilliant’

This baby Brilliant Geranium gives us a nice detailed closeup. Meanwhile, mother Brilliant says, “Admire my shapely, bouffant loveliness!” This nice round shape occurred with no intervention on my part.

Brilliant Geranium mother plant
Brilliant Geranium mother plant

08 MayAnother Look At Lime Geranium

Pelargonium 'Lime'
Pelargonium ‘Lime’

Three weeks ago, one of the baby Lime Geraniums kicked up its heels and bloomed. The big parent plant is just now getting around to blooming. That’s okay, because I really whacked it back to nearly nothing in February. Lime is a tall grower. It sends up long straight branches and when they get too tall, they lean over and send up more tall branches from the fallen branch. I guess a little trimming would keep it more shapely, but allowing it to continue as usual is entertaining as well!

07 MayPraying Mantis Update

Just 12 days after hatching, I sighted one of the baby praying mantids – and without the camera at hand! Already at one inch long it was double its original length. Its body looked as thin as a thread, but probably not for long. While I was looking at it, it seized a tiny bug and gobbled it down! We hadn’t seen any since the day after hatching, but I suspect that if we saw one, many more are hiding close by!

UPDATE 5/8/06: Okay, now I got a picture. The little mantis came back at the same time in the evening. He is upside down. The dark dot is his head and he is holding his ‘hands’ out front in the ‘praying’ position.

Praying Mantis juvenile, 1 inch long
Praying Mantis juvenile, 1 inch long

07 MayNutmeg Geranium Sparkles

Pelargonium x fragrans (Nutmeg)
Pelargonium x fragrans (Nutmeg)

Nutmeg Geranium is just so elegant: silvery green leaves and understated yet plentiful white flowers. The lightest brush raises the spicy smell of nutmeg. This scented geranium grows as a neatly shaped mound and stays smallish.

I’d like to add a special welcome to Garden Voices readers! May our garden paths cross often.

05 MayOooo! Aaaah! Brilliant Geranium

Pelargonium 'Brilliant'
Pelargonium ‘Brilliant’

Brilliant Geranium has the brightest neon pink flowers you can imagine. It is a pineapple scented geranium.

03 MayStrawberry Geranium Takes A Turn

Pelargonium 'Strawberry'
Pelargonium ‘Strawberry’

Strawberry Geranium started blooming today. It looks strawberry-ish, doesn’t it? I was surprised that the flowers are larger than the tiny serrated leaves. Most of the flower stalks hold two buds only. This scented geranium has a sweet strawberry scent.

02 MayGinger Geranium Flutters Her Eyelashes

Pelargonium 'Ginger'

Pelargonium ‘Ginger’ is amazing! It is quite large, about 2 1/2 feet tall, and the flowers are large, too. Ginger is a spicy scented geranium.

02 MayRare Pelargoniums

Matt Mattus blogs about rare plants in Growing with Plants. I know you’ll want to read his enjoyable post on Africa’s rarest pelargoniums. Matt gardens in Massachussetts USA.

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