30 AprCoconut Geranium Seeds

Seeds spring forth from Coconut Geranium seedheads
Seeds spring forth from Coconut Geranium seedheads

Pelargonium grossularioides is one of the scented geraniums that can be grown from seed and still remain true. And what a seed producer it is! The seeds are easy to collect. I just snip off the seedhead clusters after they pop open and drop them in a pie pan to let them dry further. After several days shake the seeds into a clean dry container for storage. And keep them away from any breezes. They have little fuzzy parachutes (apparently invisible to the scanner) that easily carry them hither and yon.

29 AprSandalwood Geranium Gets Back to Business

Pelargonium 'Sandalwood'
Pelargonium ‘Sandalwood’

Sandalwood Geranium started blooming on April 1, but stopped a week later. Now she is back on track with this sparkling display. What a flirt!

28 AprMexican Sage Geranium Blooms On

Pelargonium 'Mexican Sage' (spicy scent)
Pelargonium ‘Mexican Sage’ (spicy scent)

Here is a better picture of the blooms of Mexican Sage Geranium. It began blooming on April 13. Each cluster of blooms is like a tight little nosegay. Each petal is light pink in the center with darker pink streaks. The outer edge of the petal fads to white.

26 AprDr. Livingstone Blooms

Pelargonium 'Dr. Livingstone' aka Skeleton Rose
Pelargonium ‘Dr. Livingstone’ aka Skeleton Rose

Dr. Livingstone is a lemon-rose scented geranium. The leaves are deeply divided and have a delightful lacey look. The flowers are very small – white with purple lines on the top petals.

26 AprCoconut Geranium Seedhead Update

Coconut Geranium covered with seedheads
Coconut Geranium covered with seedheads

Pelargonium grossularioides (Coconut) looks downright prickly with all these seedheads. I started collecting the seeds today. When the seedhead dries out, it pops open and the seeds are hanging there with little fuzzy parachutes to be carried away by the wind. To collect, I just cut off the whole seedhead cluster after they have opened and drop it into a bowl to dry further.

25 AprThe Mantids Emerge

Hatchling praying mantids emerge from their egg case
Hatchling praying mantids
emerge from their egg case

Several weeks ago I picked up a carton of 2 praying mantis egg cases at the nursery. I hung one on a tomato plant and another in a climbing rose. This afternoon I was lucky enough to observe the hatchlings as they emerged from one of the egg cases! They were greyish and about 1/2″ long. According to the package, 100-200 of these insects can come from one egg case.

These guys are superb natural pest control. And they are an especially good deal for gardeners: The praying mantis tends to hang around close to where they hatched, while lady bugs tend to wander off.

A newly hatched praying mantis starts hunting for food
A newly hatched praying mantis
starts hunting for food

25 AprChocolate Mint Geranium in Bloom

Pelargonium 'Chocolate Mint'
Pelargonium ‘Chocolate Mint’

Chocolate Mint is one big honking scented geranium, but its flowers are small and dainty pink with a bit of purplish decoration on the top two petals.

23 AprOrange Geranium Gone Wild

Pelargonium 'Orange'
Pelargonium ‘Orange’ struts her stuff

We saw this coming a week ago, but even so, who would have imagined this display? Very impressive! I am more and more crazy about this scented geranium.

21 AprSigns Of Fertility

Seed-heads of Pelargonium grossularioides (Coconut scented)
Seedheads of Pelargonium grossularioides (Coconut scented)

I am completely familiar with Coconut Geranium’s (P. grossularioides) willingness to engage in “seedy” behavior – Oh, Ha ha ha – but was surprised to find seedheads on Upright Coconut as well. One funny detail I noticed is that the seedheads of Upright Coconut are all pointing down, but the seedheads of regular Coconut Geranium are all pointing up. More photos as the situation develops.

Seed-heads of Pelargonium 'Upright Coconut'
Seedheads of Pelargonium ‘Upright Coconut’

20 AprFlashy Phyllis

Pelargonium 'Phyllis' (apricot scented)
Pelargonium ‘Phyllis’ (apricot scented)

That Phyllis is one flashy gal! How do you like the deep coral pink flowers over the bright yellow and green foliage? Phyllis is apricot scented and seems to be very neat and tidy.

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