03 AprPelargonium Sandalwood Blooms

Pelargonium ‘Sandalwood’

Sandalwood flies her flag: darling white flowers with pink dots and feathering. The plant itself is sturdy and upright with toothy, rippled leaves. Sandalwood has a woodsy scent.

01 AprOrange Geranium In Bloom

Pelargonium ‘Orange’

What a charmer! Orange has a white flower with a purple spot on each of the top two petals. This scented geranium really does smell like oranges. A delightful little upright plant.

01 AprNew Scented Geranium Arrivals

P. 'Pretty Polly' (Almond), P. 'Variegated Prince Rupert' (Lemon) and P. 'Upright Coconut'
Pelargonium ‘Pretty Polly’ (Almond), P. ‘Variegated Prince
Rupert’ (Lemon) and P. ‘Upright Coconut’

Yesterday three new scented geraniums arrived by UPS. This time I ordered from Papa Geno’s Herbs in Nebraska. After purchasing through their web site, shipping plans were communicated the next day. The plants arrived in good condition. Papa Geno’s packing method differs from Geraniaceae’s technique considerably: The plants arrived in 2.5″ x 3.5″ pots that were enclosed in a cardboard carrier. This carrier is placed in the mailing box and held in place with tabs cut in the box so the foliage is not crushed by pots and rootballs flopping around. The plants from Papa Geno’s were smaller than Geraneaceae, but are well-rooted and healthy.

My overall impression is that this is a professional outfit that is concerned about making their customers happy.

31 MarCovered With Flowers

Pelargonium grossularioides
Pelargonium grossularioides

Coconut geranium is covered with flowers – extremely tiny flowers. They are about 1/8″ across but fortunately they are in little clusters so they can be seen. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are hot pink!

Detail of Coconut geranium flowers and buds
Detail of Coconut geranium flowers and buds

30 MarCoconut Explosion

P. grossularioides (Coconut) begins to send out runners

The Coconut geranium mothership has been growing like crazy. It is now sending out runners that carry the blooms along with some leaves. The flowers are very bright pink with five narrow petals and are super-tiny!

30 MarBud And Bloom Report

Pelargonium 'Ginger' in bud

New buds were spotted yesterday on Pelargonium ‘Ginger’. Also in bud are P. ‘Phyllis’ (Apricot), P. ‘Sandalwood’ and P. ‘Mexican Sage’ (Spicy).

Already in bloom are P. grossularioides (Coconut), P. x fragrans (Nutmeg), P. ‘Clorinda’ (Woodsy), P. ‘Old Scarlet Unique’ (Pungent), P. ionidiflorum (Celery), P. odoratissimum (Apple) and P. ‘Orange’.

No buds yet for P. citrosum (Citronella), P. ‘Dr. Livingstone’ (Lemon-rose), P. ‘Brilliant’ (Pineapple), P. ‘Lime’, P. ‘Chocolate Mint’, P. ‘Strawberry’, P. ‘Attar of Roses’.

28 MarOld Scarlet Unique, New Photos

P. 'Old Scarlet Unique'

Here is a nice picture of Pelargonium ‘Old Scarlet Unique’ with an entire bloom cluster open. Today we enjoyed a light rain and a rest from outdoor gardening.

27 MarClorinda Blooms

P. 'Clorinda'

Pelargonium ‘Clorinda’ opened 2 flowers this morning. They are a lovely rich pink – my signature color! One flower has 6 petals and one has 7. Judging by the number of buds, she intends to bloom profusely. Clorinda is woodsy-scented.

24 MarHow Red Do You Want It?

P. 'Old Scarlet Unique'

Pelargonium ‘Old Scarlet Unique’ fully opened two flowers today. The flowers are larger than most scented geranium flowers. They are similar in size to the flowers of a zonal geranium. The two top petals each have a dark splotch.

22 MarBud Watch Scarlet Alert

P. 'Old Scarlet Unique'

P. ‘Old Scarlet Unique’ raised eyebrows around here with a shocking display this afternoon. For her part, Scarlet blew a kiss and demanded, “Who are you calling old?”

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