21 MarBud Watch Continues

P. 'Phyllis' (Apricot)

The buds of P. ‘Phyllis’ are as yellow as the border on her leaves. Phyllis is an apricot-scented geranium. Be sure to visit the Best of Buds slide show. It is a photographic study of unopened buds of scented geraniums. Seventeen slides.

19 MarWatching The Buds

P. 'Clorinda'

Encouraged by the lengthening days of spring, the buds of Pelargonium ‘Clorinda’, a foresty-scented geranium, reach toward the sky.

While we wait for the flowers to appear, visit the Best of Buds slide show. You will see a photographic study of unopened buds of scented pelargoniums.17 slides of scented geranium pictures.

15 MarMarch Geranium To Do List

This is the time when I “start” my scented geraniums every year. March certainly did arrive like a lion, but I now feel confident of Spring’s imminent arrival. Might as well do something constructive while enjoying the opportunity to get outside in nice weather! Here is my list of garden tasks for scented geraniums across the southern United States:

  • Pruning and clean-up should be complete. If not, get busy! Remove any dead or unhealthy leaves and stems.
  • Root cuttings from your prunings. You can ensure that you always have a lovely gift plant ready for the right occasion and prevent the tragic unexpected loss of a beloved plant by having backups.
  • Repot or transplant as needed. If not repotting, add a bit of fresh potting soil to the pot to replace any soil that has washed out over time.
  • Fertilize! Your pelargoniums need a boost of good nutrition to start growing anew. I use Miracle Gro 15-30-15 mixed 1 Tbsp/gallon water every 2 or 3 weeks. My mother swears by the time release plant food for her container plants. Follow the directions of whatever you choose to use and maybe use a little restraint.
  • Visit the “Geranium Links” feature in the sidebar. I have added new links for scented geranium recipes and crafts. You’re going to say, “I could do that!”

12 MarMystery Geranium Identified

Graffiti Pink Stellar Geranium

While perusing the lovely geranium pictures at Hobbs Farm web site, I discovered the name of the red-leafed geranium I wrote about in an earlier post. It is Graffiti Pink Stellar Geranium. I learned that the stellar geraniums fall within the zonal geranium group and are so named because the flowers are star-shaped.

11 MarBuds And Blooms

Quite a few of my scented geraniums are beginning to produce buds: Phyllis, Old Scarlet Unique, Nutmeg, Mexican Sage, Clorinda, Orange, and Sandalwood. This is a very exciting development! The only one of these I have seen bloom before is Nutmeg.

P. ionidiflorum (celery) & P. odoratissimum (apple)
P. ionidiflorum (celery) & P. odoratissimum (apple) in bloom 03/11/06

The only scented geraniums currently blooming are Celery and Apple. In fact, they arrived that way from the nursery. No sign of blooms yet from Strawberry, Ginger or Brilliant. And Dr. Livingstone, Citrosa and Lime were recently chopped back to almost nothing, but just wait a little bit.

11 MarThree New Scented Geraniums

P. 'Orange', P. odoratissimum (apple), P. 'Sandalwood'

This week I received three new scented geraniums from Geraniaceae.com. Left to right, they are P. ‘Orange’, P. odoratissimum (apple) and P. ‘Sandalwood’. As with past experience, the service and plant quality was excellent.

If you live in the Southwest, it is time to get busy and order your mail order live plants. Soon it will be too hot for the plants to safely travel in this manner.

06 MarCelery Geranium In Bloom

P. ionidiflorum: celery-scented geranium

Here is a better picture of Pelargonium ionidiflorum. It was blooming when it arrived in a box and shows no sign of letting up. I love the wild look of the narrow petals!

02 MarBeautiful Red Leaves

This is a fancy variety of zonal geranium. It has the striped leaf of a zonal, but they are fan shaped. Exposure to the cold has turned the leaves a lovely reddish tone.

A very fancy zonal

02 MarHomemade Plant Markers

A little recycling

These homemade plant markers are made from a plastic butter bowl.

01 MarUpdate On The New Scented Geraniums

So how are the new plants doing a week after arrival? Here they are lined up for a group photo:


Back row: Pelargonium ‘Old Scarlet Unique’, P. ‘Mexican Sage’ (apricot), P. ionideflorum (celery), P. ‘Strawberry’

Front row: Pelargonium ‘Phyllis’ (apricot), P. ‘Attar of Roses’, P. ‘Clorinda’ (woodsy)

Celery was blooming when it arrived and now carries a cloud of bright pink little flowers flying high above its head. I got Strawberry back in November. Its small leaves turned quite red with exposure to the cold. It is looking a bit scrawny because I took cuttings from it last week.

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