22 FebNew Plants In The Mail

It’s a great day when a package comes: Today I received a package containing six new scented geraniums from Geraniaceae.com! WooHooooo!!! Right away we opened the package and lifted their little heads up so they could get some light.

Just arrived!
The newcomers

The new arrivals were carefully packed: Each rootball was wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and newspaper, then placed in a plastic bag. The leaves and branches were protected by styrofoam packing peanuts. UPS Ground delivery got them here quickly (California to Nevada). All looked well and happy when potted up.

Online Shopping Review: 2 Green Thumbs Up
My observation is that Robin Parer of Geraniaceae.com takes great pride and care in preparing orders. I was informed very quickly of shipping plans and everything went like clockwork. The plants are large, healthy and well-rooted. I am delighted to give Geraniaceae my highest recommendation!

17 FebA Serious Pruning

P. citrosum is in need of a fresh start!

At this time of year, a typical scented geranium is looking kind of rough. It is leggy and unkempt. Now is the time to take all the cuttings you can stand. Now cut back as seriously as you can. I like to leave some new growth for good luck.

This severe pruning seems harsh, but it accomplishes a lot of good for the plant. When the older, stressed growth is removed, along with it goes disease and pests. All nutrients will be focused on the new growth.

P. citrosum - A little off the top!

Pay attention for any sign of stem rot. If so, try to cut it out and be sure to sanitize your knife or scissors before moving on to another plant. Start some cuttings as a back up.

Add a little fresh potting soil to replace any that has washed out over time. Water with manure tea or Miracle Gro – your preference.

16 FebRooting Plantlets From A Runner

Coconut geranium runner
A Coconut geranium runner

I have been wondering if the plantlets growing along Coconut geranium runners could be rooted. Today I cut apart a runner and gave it a try. I stuck part of the runner stem in the ground, and made sure that the axiol where the leaves are coming out is in contact with the soil.

Coconut geranium plantlets
Coconut geranium plantlets now on their own

UPDATE: It turns out this doesn’t work. Coconut geranium is best propagated by seed.

15 FebMore Cuttings Rooting

Closeup of cuttings Brilliant (foreground) and Nutmeg
Cuttings of Brilliant (foreground)
and Nutmeg geraniums

Started 36 new geranium cuttings this week – 12 each of Brilliant, Ginger, and Nutmeg. So far everything looks great! No sign of wilt or rot. I am keeping the cuttings lined up against a west-facing wall. They are receiving about 2-3 hours of morning sun.

Flats of scented pelargonium cuttings 2/14/06
Flats of scented pelargonium cuttings 2/14/06

08 FebNew Starts

The weather in southern Nevada this week could be called “spring-like”, although technically it is still winter. It is close enough to spring to start some new scented geraniums. This is how I do it:

  • Using a sharp knife or scissors, choose a healthy looking branch tip and cut off about five inches.
  • Strip the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting.
  • Dip the bare end in Rootone + fungicide and shake off excess.
  • Plant the cutting in its own little pot with a good potting soil.
  • Water in and wait!

Lime geranium cutting ready for rooting

Results of my afternoon fun: I started 12 cuttings each of 4 different geraniums – lime, citrosa, chocolate mint, and Dr. Livingstone.

Ready, set, root!

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