20 FebRosemary In Bloom

Bee in Tuscan Blue Rosemary
Bee in Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Tuscan Blue Rosemary surrounds the mailbox.
Tuscan Blue Rosemary surrounds the mailbox.

Creeping Rosemary
Creeping Rosemary

17 FebTomatoes And Lettuce On The March

Tomato seedlings: Juliet (left), Martino's Roma (center), Sprite (right)
Tomato seedlings: Juliet (left), Martino’s Roma (center), Sprite (right)

Leaf lettuce 'Grand Rapids'
Leaf lettuce ‘Grand Rapids’, 2/15/09

02 JanOrder Arrives From Tomato Growers Supply!

Juliet Tomato, July 8, 2006
Juliet Tomato, July 8, 2006

My first order of seeds arrived today and now I know Spring is right around the corner! [Tomato Growers Supply] I’m trying some new (to me) tomato varieties and an “old” favorite:

Sprite – Determinate, 60 days. Grape tomato on a small bush. The packet promises “no sacrifice in fruit quality, size, productivity, or flavor – just shorter plants for smaller gardens.” I want to believe!

Martino’s Roma – Determinate, 75 days. Pear shaped paste tomato “perfectly suuited to cooking, but delicious enough to eat fresh.” These plants are promised to be compact and “extremely productive.” Heirloom variety.

Juliet – Indeterminate, 80 days. I have grown Juliet for several years now and will
never stop. Super grape!

Micro-Tom – Determinate, 85 days. “World’s smallest tomato variety.” Irresistible! Grows 5-8 inches tall in a 4 inch pot and produces “flavorful miniature tomatoes about the
size of salad croutons.”

Last year I grew only Juliet and Yellow Pear tomatoes. Both of those make a large vine and my Mom seemed to be overwhelmed by just one Yellow Pear, so I wanted to try some smaller varieties this year.

Medusa Peppers, September 25, 2007
Medusa Peppers, September 25, 2007

No big surprises with the peppers. I am trying a new variety of sweet banana peppers.

Sweet Spot X3R Hybrid – 70 days. “This high-yielding banana type pepper produces an incredible harvest of mild, sweet peppers about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.” Happy days!

Medusa – My favorite ornamental pepper. The little chilis it produces are not hot at all. Very sweet and edible.

02 JanCelebrating The New Year With A New Family Member

Baby Isabel celebrates New Year's with big brother, Tres.
Baby Isabel celebrates the New Year with big brother, Tres.

Little Isabel is the newest member of our family. She is 10 weeks old and a real dog genius:
already she scratches on the back door when she needs to go out. It helps that she follows Tres everywhere and can learn what good dogs do from him. And Tres is thrilled to be the leader of the pack! He has been wishing for so long for someone to play chase with him.

28 DecWhat A Peacock!

Pelargonium 'Peacock' is a rose scented geranium.
Pelargonium ‘Peacock’ is a rose scented geranium.

22 DecAbout That Las Vegas Snow…

Snow falls at the Las Vegas sign and the people rejoice.
Snow falls at the Las Vegas sign and the people rejoice.

Big excitement this past Wednesday. Snow is not really unusual here in Las Vegas, but it is rare that it sticks much. It was so beautiful as it was falling, but didn’t stick at all in my part of town (NW – Jones and Smoke Ranch). Imagine my surprise to see snow still in the landscaping when I drove my husband to McCarran International Airport on Friday morning! No wonder everybody was so impressed!

So how did the scented geraniums fare? All survived in spite of being outside during the storm. It was a calculated risk to leave them out, but I have learned that my back yard is safe down to 29F. I attribute this to a cement block wall, a swimming pool and an aluminum shed – all of which hold heat. No doubt the hot air I generate when blogging is equally helpful.

Meanwhile, over in Canna Land, some foliage was nipped.

22 DecCooler Weather Brings The Return Of Dark Variegation

Pelargonium 'Chocolate Mint' with characteristic dark blotch on leaf
Pelargonium ‘Chocolate Mint’ with characteristic dark blotch on leaf

Most of the year, my Chocolate Mint geranium is solid green. This is caused by the heat. When the weather starts to get hot, I move it to a shaded area, but it still loses its variegation. Looks like a whole different plant now.

P. 'Lavender Nutmeg' sporting cute little brown zones
P. ‘Lavender Nutmeg’ sporting cute little brown zones

Lavender Nutmeg showed up with a new look, as well.

20 DecTreehouses!

Freakin' awesome treehouse!
Freakin’ awesome treehouse!

Yes, I’d like one of these. Who would have thought there were structural
engineers who specialize in building treehouses?

15 SepA Visit To Canna Land

Blooming in Canna Land (in order of appearance): Red Dazzler, Omega, Coral Endeavour, Futurity Rose, Aztec, Cardinal Sinn, Richard Wallace, Dawn Pink, Taj Mahal (bud), and Edna Tulip. Be sure to visit Canna Land for more canna pictures.

28 AugMrs. Taylor Drops By

Pelargonium 'Mrs. Taylor'
Pelargonium ‘Mrs. Taylor’

Mrs. Taylor has a musky or vinagrette scent. It has a nice long blooming period.

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