27 AugThe Fabulous Lavendar Nutmeg

Pelargonium 'Nutmeg Lavender' is a scented ivy geranium.
Pelargonium ‘Nutmeg Lavender’ is a scented ivy geranium.

P. ‘Nutmeg Lavender’ has a multitude of positive qualities: tight umbrels of double lavender blooms, a compact growth habit and self-branching ivy geranium foliage with a nice nutmeg scent. The most amazing thing is it’s heat tolerance. Lavender Nutmeg has survived two Las Vegas summers on my patio in part shade and is none the worse for it.

25 AugOrange You Orange?

Pelargonium 'Orange'
Pelargonium ‘Orange’

Of course, P. ‘Orange’ is orange scented. He is also my true, very most favorite scented geranium. Orange is easy to grow and blooms freely in the spring.

22 AugLemon Of My Dreams

Pelargonium 'Spring Park' has an appealing face.
Pelargonium ‘Spring Park’ has an appealing face.

P. 'Spring Park' forms a well-mannered bush and blooms heavily.
P. ‘Spring Park’ forms a well-mannered bush and blooms heavily.

21 AugThe Scandalous Mrs. Kingsley

Pelargonium 'Mrs. Kingsley'
Pelargonium ‘Mrs. Kingsley’

Mrs. Kingsley insists on drawing attention to herself. Not surprisingly, she is even worse when cameras are around. Does she think she’s a celebrity or something? Mrs. Kingsley is a pungent scented geranium. Just sayin’.

19 AugOld-Fashioned? Who's Old-Fashioned?

Pelargonium 'Old-Fashioned Rose'
Pelargonium ‘Old-Fashioned Rose’

P. ‘Old-Fashioned Rose’ is very similar to P. lucaeflora, but the leaves of Old-Fashioned are larger. The two are in agreement with billowing growth and a delightful rose scent.

13 AugExuberant Red

Pelargonium 'Red Flowered Rose' is a heavy bloomer.
Pelargonium ‘Red Flowered Rose’ is a heavy bloomer.

Red Flowered Rose has a very dainty look. The leaves are very divided and the edges have a rolled look. It holds its light red flowers in little bunches. As the name implies, it is a rose scented geranium.

10 AugPelargonium ribifolium

Pelargonium ribifolium is always aflutter with flowers.
Pelargonium ribifolium is always aflutter with flowers.

P. ribifolium has maple-shaped leaves and a sweet pungent scent.
P. ribifolium has maple-shaped leaves and a sweet pungent scent.

08 AugPrince Rupert Is Blowing Kisses

Pelargonium crispum 'Variegated Prince Rupert'
Pelargonium crispum ‘Variegated Prince Rupert’

Have you ever seen such a sweet face? Variegated Prince Rupert blooms very well over a fairly long period. The prince is a lemon scented geranium.

05 AugPretty Polly

Pelargonium 'Pretty Polly'
Pelargonium ‘Pretty Polly’

Pretty Polly deserves her name! Surprisingly, she doesn’t bloom much. I felt very privledged to get these this year. The foliage of this scented geranium is always neat and full, so even without flowers it looks nice. Pretty Polly’s smell is light mint, although some describe it as almond scented.

30 JulCrisp Pink

Pelargonium englarianum
Pelargonium englarianum

P. englarianum is so obviously built to conserve water: thin, woody stems and small, stiff leaves. It produces plenty of bright pink flowers as well.

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