25 JulLemon Scented Geranium Roundup

The flowers of Golden Lemon Crispum are typical of the crispum group.
The flowers of Golden Lemon Crispum are typical of the crispum group.

The lemon scented geraniums generally have nice white flowers with some purple veining. Often the three lower petals are long and narrow, giving the flowers a primitive wildflower look. Spring Park Lemon puts on a showy and long-lasting display.

The leaves of the crispums are all small. This is a common trait of desert plants. All varieties of Pelargonium crispum that I have grown are tolerant of the heat although they appreciate some shade during the midsummer. Certainly they are worthwhile for gardeners in the desert Southwest.

24 JulVariegated Prince Rupert And His Evil Twin

P. 'Variegated Prince Rupert' (left) and P. 'Prince Rupert' (right)
Pelargonium ‘Variegated Prince Rupert’ (left) and P. ‘Prince Rupert’ (right)

Varigated Prince Rupert is a nicely branching upright bush. It is a very slow grower, but quite charming. The little green shoot coming up agressively from the roots is a reversion. A reversion can be assumed to be the unmutated original plant that the varigated form developed from. Therefore, the all green one is regular Prince Rupert. Both of the princes have a light lemon scent.

23 JulSmall Plant Big Impact

Pelargonium 'Spring Park' is a lemon scented geranium.
Pelargonium ‘Spring Park’ is a lemon scented geranium.

Spring Park has just the loveliest manners. It forms a neat, upright, well-rounded little bush. The leaves are crispum-shaped, yet a bit larger in size than those of P. crispum. I think of Spring Park as an excellent windowsill plant because it can stay in a smaller pot and maintains a compact shape.

21 JulPure Gold

Pelargonium crispum 'Golden Lemon Crispum'
Pelargonium crispum ‘Golden Lemon Crispum’

Golden Lemon Crispum has a yellow border around the edge of each leaf that gives the whole plant an interesting golden color. Like the other crispums, Golden Lemon has long upright branches. It seems to keep a very neat appearance.

19 JulA Lemony Free Spirit

Pelargonium crispum 'Minor'
Pelargonium crispum ‘Minor’

Crispum Minor has a free spirit appearance. Its growth habit is upright and the super-teensy leaves don’t seem to weigh down the branches much. I must confess that this one of my favorite scented geraniums: heat tolerant, a vigorous bloomer and always fun to look at.

18 JulFingerbowl Lemon Only Looks Dainty

Pelargonium crispum 'Fingerbowl Lemon'
Pelargonium crispum ‘Fingerbowl Lemon’

Fingerbowl Lemon has smaller leaves than P. crispum. It has a tall upright habit and it grows like a rocket.

15 JulA Look At Growth Habit

Pelargonium crispum
Pelargonium crispum

Today I’m starting a series of posts on the growth habits of the various scented geraniums. How many times have you looked at a plant and thought, “Is it supposed to do that?” So – we’ll start with the lemon scented geraniums.

P. crispum is the plain lemon geranium. It has an upright growth habit, but when a branch gets too long, it starts to lay down and new upright branches grow from the branch that is now horizontal. If the plant were in the ground, that horizontal branch would likely root and thus it would spread. The plant in the picture is now flat like a sail. I’m going to prune off about 2/3 of the long horizontal branch in hopes of encouraging more rounded growth.

09 JulThe Pickin's

Banana Peppers and Juliet Tomatoes
Banana Peppers and Juliet Tomatoes

07 JulPepper-Eggplant Mystery Continues

Maybe they are peppers.
Maybe they are peppers.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote derisively about some Brazilian Aji Peppers that looked suspiciously like eggplant. Now it has produced some fruit and I must admit, the fruit is the correct shape. On the other hand, silvery-green eggplant-ish leaves and the fact that these plants are constantly crawling with ants, continue to make me think eggplant. There are several varieties of eggplant that produce 2-3″ round fruit and I’ll bet that’s what this turns out to be.

06 JulWooHoo! An Almost Red Tomato!

Juliet is a grape tomato with outstanding heat tolerance.
Juliet is a grape tomato with outstanding heat tolerance.

This is my favorite variety of tomato for desert gardening. It is a reliable producer of large (1 1/2″ to 2″) grape tomatoes. High temperatures hardly seem to trouble these plants.

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