07 SepA Rambling Growth Habit

Pelargonium 'Peach'
Pelargonium ‘Peach’ – See remnant of variegation on left side of plant.

Peach is a variegated scented pelargonium. The variegated branches grow slowly. The plain green branches grow much faster. In order to maintain the varigation, the grower is to prune off the green branches. After dutifully trimming away for a while, I decided I was very impressed with the all green foliage. If allowed to go ‘native’, Peach develops a graceful, flowing look. And frankly, the yellow splotchy variegation can have a rather sickly look.

P. ‘Peach’ is an excellent choice for gardeners in the Desert Southwest. It is very heat tolerant and can be counted on to look nice even during the hottest hot spell (given adequate water and partial shade). Peach is also a very sweet bloomer.

Pelargonium 'Peach'
Pelargonium ‘Peach’ rambles more vigorously on the unvariegated side.

A Weighty Question: If Pelargonium ‘Peach’ is considered a variegated scented geranium, does that mean that the unvariegated form is a different cultivar?

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