11 MarBuds And Blooms

Quite a few of my scented geraniums are beginning to produce buds: Phyllis, Old Scarlet Unique, Nutmeg, Mexican Sage, Clorinda, Orange, and Sandalwood. This is a very exciting development! The only one of these I have seen bloom before is Nutmeg.

P. ionidiflorum (celery) & P. odoratissimum (apple)
P. ionidiflorum (celery) & P. odoratissimum (apple) in bloom 03/11/06

The only scented geraniums currently blooming are Celery and Apple. In fact, they arrived that way from the nursery. No sign of blooms yet from Strawberry, Ginger or Brilliant. And Dr. Livingstone, Citrosa and Lime were recently chopped back to almost nothing, but just wait a little bit.

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